5 Eye-Catching Capstones from Mass Exodus 2018: Installation

Congratulations to all the fourth-year Fashion Communication students who exhibited their Capstone projects at the Mass Exodus Installation on April 4, 2018. 

Over the course of their education, Fashion Communication students learn to use design and the creative process to explore a passion project that culminates into their Capstone. This year a total of 45 students exhibited their projects at the Installation. Projects ranged from publications, branding concepts and digital applications to handcrafted garments and live events.

In no particular order, here are 5 eye-catching projects exhibited at this year’s Installation:

Madina Yar’s AfghanTikkah

A digital platform and photography exhibit that deconstructs misconceptions perpetuated about Afghanistan, its people and its culture.

Cindy Jun’s Heroinne

An original feminist T-shirt brand, promotional website, and lookbook.

Sehee Danielle Jee’s NOT YOUR

A branding concept and e-commerce site that proposes alternate representations of Eastern Asian women through handcrafted merchandise.

Cassidy Allan’s Nova

A mock feminine care company and advertising campaign that uses a positive and modern discourse to disrupt the deeply rooted stigma around periods.

Julia Payton and Michal Perelmuter’s Won’t You Play with Me?

An interactive book that features a variety of activities inspired by our own forms of childhood meaning-making.


Congratulations to all the Fashion Communication students thank you to the everyone that helped make this year’s exhibit a success. See images of the Installation here